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Kawaii Assassins
Activity & Coloring Book
48 glorious pages of kawaii cuties, coloring crazyness and amazing activities. Crosswords, word jumbles mazes, mad liqs and more!

The world as you know it has ended. Humans have been brought to the brink of extinction.

Neo-Cyber-Yakuza Bandits have risen from the ashes of the new world to try to profit from the misery of the oppressed.

Killer Kawaii Assassins roam the streets to challenge them. The Vicious Vigilante Vixens hunt the treacherous patriarchy exacting their own brand of justice. They take no prisoners, just heads.

These Deadly Darlings surround themselves with the trinkets and small joys of a world past. Armed with enough weapons to protect what they hold most dear and conquer what foes remain.

Shit just got dark.
Now, color away those blues!

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